Spring Tryouts!


Want to Join the Viper Family?

Spring tryouts are coming up soon!
Senior Prospects Night - April 30 - 6:30PM
Junior Tryouts - Wednesday May 20 - 6:30PM
Senior 3/4 Tryouts - May 21 -6:30PM
Youth - May 22 - 6:30PM
Senior - May 25 - 6:30PM

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Contact Information:

Phone: 519-667-0565
Facebook: PCG Vipers

A view of both floors/gyms.

Tumbling Classes
The PCG is home to some of Canada's top cheerleading gymnastics instructors.
Athletes come from all over Southern Ontario to learn from the best. 

Tumbling Classes at PCG are open to all gym members.
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All Star Cheer Teams
The PCG offers teams for athletes ages 4 and up.
All competetive teams practice twice a week and are always looking to recruit new athletes during the year.