Private lessons are a great way to put some quality 1-on-1 time into perfecting and learning your tumbling skills.

Athletes will receive 45 minutes of instruction where our staff will create exercises, drills and skills specific to your athlete’s needs and goals. Following the lesson, athletes will do 15 minutes of independent conditioning to re-enforce all the work they have done.

As our coaches are knowledgeable in all areas of our sport, these lessons can also be spent working on jumps, flexibility, routine work and more.

No matter the goal your athlete has, we can work on it! The times are flexible so you can choose which day, time and coach fits your schedule the best.

Here you’ll find what each level focuses on:

Level 1Introduction to Tumbling – Rolls, cartwheels, bridges, handstands, Back & Front walkover, Round-offs

Level 2Handsprings – Standing back handspring, roundoff-handspring, walkover-handspring

Level 3Tucks – Handspring series, Roundoff-Handspring-tuck, ro-bt, front tuck

Level 4Layouts– Roundoff-Handspring-Layout, Handsprings to tuck/layout, Standing tuck

Level 5-7Fulls & Beyond – running layout-fulls, standing fulls, running layout-double, specialty lines